Charleston, SC Wedding Videographer
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Charleston, SC Best Wedding Videography

Austin was able to capture the essence of our wedding day and bottle the moments perfectly.

- Anne

Charleston, SC Wedding Videography

A professional photographer, Austin Dandridge often filmed snippets of weddings and created short videos as his present to the newly married couple. In fleeting moments strung together with quality music, he was able to capture the essence of the occasion.

This led to a career as a Charleston, SC wedding videographer, but Austin’s approach remains that of a silent observer. Drawing beauty from simple,
intimate moments, he does more than document the day: he preserves the emotions and energy felt by the couple and guests alike.

Austin’s films reflect a background in high fashion and lifestyle photography. Having lived and worked as a photographer in Sydney, Australia and New York City, he subtly establishes a sense of place, maintaining the integrity and joy of a wedding. Austin currently lives in Charleston, SC with his wife, 3 kids and border-collie mutt. He owns the creative agency, Cobble Hill.

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